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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Baby Deals: Best Deals on Car Seats, Swings, and Baby Gear

It's the parenting gear you want. And need.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer standout days where you have to shove your way past shoppers to try and score great deals on tech. For parents, this is a great time to buy some of the pricier baby gear like car seats, monitors, and baby food makers. We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday baby deals online so you can find what you want in the comfort of your own home.

It’s worth noting that this shopping period is also when retailers unload junk at cheap prices just to clear inventory. We scoured the deals out there to only bring you the best brands, at the best prices. From baby food makers to high chairs to baby carriers, these are the baby products that make parenting easier and less stressful. May the sales force be with you.

Car Seat Deals

This $200 car seat grows with your kid, going from rear-facing to forward-facing to belt-positioning booster, with a very small backseat footprint.

From rear facing infant to booster sitting 100-pound kindergartener, this $170 Graco TriRide car seat can hold them all. Parents can choose from 10 headrest positions, and six reclining angles, to make the ride as safe and comfortable as possible.

This $330 car seat will last you until your kid hits fourth grade. It's built in such a way that reduces baby head slump using side wedges (which are removable). You can use it from birth until 120 pounds.

This $450 infant car seat has a base that is designed with both a Rigid-LATCH system and a belt-tensioning system. It has seven recline positions and fits babies 4-35 pounds.

This convertible $325 car seat has a 14 position harness with click and safe snug indicator that lets you know when the harness is tight. It fits babies 5-40 pounds in rear-facing mode and 20-65 pounds in front mode.

This $350 beast of a car seat will last you from birth, until your kid is 10 and using it as a big kid booster seat.

This $160 car seat will last until your kid is about 100 pounds. A pair of removable pillows allow you to adjust the fit around infants. It will protect rear-facing kinds until 40 pounds; forward-facing until 65; before the booster seat takes over.

At $450 this all-in-one Britax is a solid value, but it’s on sale for Black Friday which makes it even better. If your baby has sensitive skin, the plush and soft fabrics here will help keep them comfortable with nine reclining positions, a rear-facing weight max of 50 pounds and a forward-facing weigh limit of 65 pounds.

While it's called the 4Ever car seat, you can expect about 10 years of use from this $278 Graco. Go from rear-facing, up to 40 pounds, before graduating in stages all the way up to a booster that supports up to 100 pounds. And right now it's in six colors.

Baby Thermometer Deals

This best-selling $99 baby thermometer has 16 infrared sensors so you get accurate temperature readings, and you can monitor them on the app.

Flu season is here so a touchless thermometer can make it easier to monitor kids who are sick. This one is simple to use and usually $20.

Baby Monitor Deals

Miku's $400 baby monitor tracks your baby's breathing, plus sound, motion, room temperature and humidity. And via the app, it alerts you in real time of any changes in your baby's vital signs or nursery conditions.

This $160 baby monitor has a sizable five inch display, has full color by day and greyscale infrared images at night, and LED noise indicators and an external thermostat to keep you updated about what's happening in the nursery.

Normally $180, this baby monitor lets you set a virtual boundary around your baby. It also plays lullabies and white noise, has automatic night vision, two-way talk back, handheld portability, rechargeable batteries, , sound activated LED lights, one-touch video on/off, and low battery and out of range indicators.

Breast Pump and Feeding Deals

The $500 breast pump fits right into a bra, with no attachments, is completely mobile and hands-free, and lets you pump directly into milk bags or containers.

With a dozen levels of suction, and five massage settings, the Spectra is likely to make pumping more comfortable. Usually $200, it’s on sale for Black Friday.

This $48 baby bottle set includes an assortment of bottles, as well as two nipples, two pacifiers, seven sealing discs, and a bottle brush. In other words, everything you need.

High Chair, Toddler Chair, and Stroller Black Friday Deals

This $212 Graco stroller is a three-in-one: It works as an infant car seat, a bassinet for sleeping while you're out and about, and a traditional stroller. The five-point harness is designed to hold up to 50 pounds and it folds up with one hand.

Normally $280, the Baby Jogger City is sleek and works as a daily stroller for running errands around town or traveling to see family and friends.

Thule's glorious $400 travel stroller has a quick and simple one hand fold, a small footprint, and superior maneuverability. You can save if you pick it in blue, olive, or gray.

Upgrade your basic stroller with the $380 City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller – it's got suspension at all three wheels and tough pneumatic tires that'll keep you and your child comfortable on even rough terrain. You can add accessories, like a glider board, to get more utility from your investment.

Normally $210, this travel set includes a stroller that’s 25 percent smaller for easier packing and infant’s car seat.

Normally $550, this City Select from Baby Jogger stroller’s like an ATV for your baby — it’ll roll over anything and it has 24 configurations to adapt to any situation.

This $46 universal stroller organizer makes sure you have everything you need, be it a phone or wipes, conveniently on hand.

Normally $255, Lalo's high chair is a showpiece with a footrest that flips over; it turns into a toddler chair when your kid outgrows it.

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving: This highchair, normally $249, can be used by babies starting at six months old and will eventually convert to an adult-sized dining chair.

Easy to set up and to clean, this $300 set looks adult enough to be at home in any room.

This $160 baby carrier fits babies 12-45 pounds and has padded lumbar back support and shoulder straps.

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