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The Holidays Are Your Time to Shine—We Can Help You Pick the Perfect Gift

Our quiz will help you find the perfect gift to match your partner's personality.

This story is sponsored by Pandora Jewelry.

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time for you to start picking out presents. Your kids have probably already started dropping hints about what they want, and a list for “Santa” might make its way into your possession soon. But when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for your partner, things can get a whole lot more complicated.

The issue isn’t that you don’t know her well enough—she’s your romantic partner, co-parent, and constant companion, after all. The issue is that finding a physical item that expresses just how much you know and care about her is much more difficult.

Even if you’ve identified the category of present you want to get her—say, jewelry—it’s easy to overanalyze all of the options and end up settling as time runs out. That’s why we made a quiz that will help you identify what kind of jewelry your partner would like, along with a few options that she’s sure to love.

Read on to see what kinds of gifts you might want to consider—or click here to take the quiz yourself.

A Festive Gift

For those who absolutely love the holiday season.

See the best festive gifts here, or take the quiz yourself.

A Meaningful Gift

For those who’d like a constant reminder of your love.

See the best meaningful gifts here, or take the quiz yourself.

A Classic Gift

For those who’d appreciate a simple, elegant statement piece.

See the best classic gifts here, or take the quiz yourself.