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Turn Any Trip With Your Kid Into A Treasure Hunt Using Only Your Phone

Created in partnership with GMC, inspiring families to make the best of every moment. For more advice on fun stuff to do with your kids, from ridiculously overqualified experts, check out the rest of our 940 Weekends.

Assuming you’ve already done your parental duty and brainwashed your kid into (correctly) believing The Goonies is the greatest cinematic achievement of your or any generation, they’re probably itching to go on their own epic quest for One-Eyed Willy’s rich stuff. Sure, you could bury your own wallet on the beach and hope they find it, or you could and the kid can take up geocaching.

According to Jeremy Irish, founder of (so he probably knows), it’s “A high-tech treasure hunt [where] you use a GPS device or smartphone to find containers people have hidden around the world.” There are something like 5 million participants worldwide, and the caches are basically everywhere — seriously, download the app and you might discover one in your backyard. The caches can turn a day at the park, or a hike, or a trip to the mall into your own real-life version of Tomb Raider.

Here’s Irish’s quick 3-step introduction to caching in with your kid.