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This Meat Delivery Service Will Eliminate Those Annoying Pre-BBQ Grocery Store Runs

Those stressful eleventh-hour trips are about to be a thing of summers’ past.

You hear that familiar sizzle? It can only mean one thing: Grilling season is finally here again. Whether you prefer charcoal or gas, the goal is to provide your family and friends with the best backyard meals made from the highest quality ingredients possible, while ideally having a bit of fun while you’re at it. But you know what’s not fun? Those last-minute runs to the grocery store because you forgot the ground beef for your signature smash burgers.

Fortunately, those stressful eleventh-hour trips can be a thing of summers’ past. Cue FarmFoods.

FarmFoods offers an affordable, straight-from-the-source option for choosing your meat and getting it delivered right to your home. From grass-fed beef to wild-caught fish, they have it all, and they’re also transparent about the farms they partner with. After all, your cedar-planked salmon will taste that much better when you know it comes from a sustainable fishery in Alaska.

Here are all the ways FarmFoods will upgrade your summer grilling for 2022.

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Farmfoods x Fatherly

If you’ve ever spent an hour at the grocery store (or more if the kiddos are in tow) only to get home and realize you forgot the main ingredient for your meal, you know in-person food shopping has its drawbacks. FarmFoods eliminates those shopping frustrations by delivering affordable, fresh meat directly from the farm to your table.

Ordering online is fast and easy. Shipping is efficient. The food arrives at your door packed with dry ice — enough for it to last 12 hours, so no need to worry if you’re not home to receive it right away. Everything comes vacuum-sealed and ready for your favorite marinade or simple salt-and-pepper rub before hitting the grill.


FarmFoods x Fatherly

Having the ability to choose a specific farm where your meat comes from is unlike any experience you’ll have in an average supermarket. Asking a butcher where they sourced a cut of beef and getting the response, “You know, I’m not sure,” is hardly the answer you’re looking for.

With FarmFoods, you can browse from more than 15 farms and choose ones based on your standards and values when it comes to factors like farm sustainability and how animals are raised and fed. It makes buying food personal again. FarmFoods partners with local farmers in Montana, Idaho, California, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa, New Zealand, and more. They’re all dedicated to providing you with the highest quality meats and fish.


FarmFoods x Fatherly

Knowing the origin of your meat is not only important for your frame of mind, but it also translates to delicious food. Your BBQ ribs will no doubt be the talk of the party if they’re heritage. 100% grass-fed skirt steak is a natural partner to homemade chimichurri. And chicken under a brick is better when that chicken is pasture raised.

All of FarmFoods’s options are sustainably raised using techniques designed to conserve and protect the environment, including free-range chickens that forage off the natural landscape and pigs fed an all-vegetarian diet. FarmFoods uses no hormones, no GMOs, and no unnecessary antibiotics. There’s no reason to run back to the market this summer with this awesome service at your fingertips.