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The Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Dads

Being a procrastinator has its perks.

Look, maybe in a perfect world, you would have started hunting for the ideal Father’s Day weeks ago. In that same nonexistent perfect world, you’d obviously keep a running spreadsheet of gift ideas for dads and everyone else you care about. That perfect world would never leave you hustling for last-minute gifts for your better half. Alas! We don’t live in that perfect world, and here you are, empty-handed and down to the wire, and scouring the internet for last-minute gift ideas. Don’t fret. We’ve rounded up some inspired, awesome gifts for dad that you can nail down in 15 minutes and he can enjoy now. Best of all, he’ll think you spent days painstakingly picking these out. And listen, by now, everyone knows how to navigate Amazon and get next-day shipping, so we’ll sidestep the obvious and find the offbeat.

So he's always dreamed of being able to play Nirvana, the Beatles, or Green Day? Make that dream a reality with an annual subscription to Fender's online class. He'll answer questions about his instrument preference and style. And then he gets a curated plan, going from mastering the basics to focusing on specific techniques. Still in doubt? Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck are just two of the maestros who played Fender's Stratocaster guitar.

Choose whatever amount you think he'd want, and give gamer dad something that will really and truly make him happy. The ability to play Xbox games.

Truly, one of the most dope culinary experiences we've found. If he wants to learn how to make kebabs, chef Asli Mutlu, will video call into your home, live from her kitchen in Turkey. You pick the cuisine, the number of people attending, date and time, add a note to the chef (if any) and get ready to cook.

This is like a public library, without the wait times. For $10, he gets access to hundreds of thousands of books and audiobooks, as well as magazines and podcasts. New content is added all the time, and there's no limit to the number of books he can read per month, by authors ranging from Stephen King to Jay Shetty.

He gets 38 lessons with Daniel Negreanu, the Tom Brady of poker. He's a six-time World Series of Poker champion and he'll teach dad strategy, poker theory, and even review his winning games. Best of all, we think, is his lesson on how to spot 'tells.' The annual membership gives him access to the brand's entire catalog of classes.

For the ultimate football fan: He can replay every single game of the season, as soon as the live broadcast ends. That means access to full broadcast replays, condensed games in 45 minutes, and the coaches' film. Touchdown.

If he's into his coffee, treat him to the ultimate virtual coffee tasting led by 2013 World Brewer's Champion James McCarthy. You can buy tasting session for just your household, or he can invite friends and family to join. You just choose a date and time, the brand sends everyone a virtual tasting kit, and he's off to the caffeine races.

So dad has a sweet tooth. Cater to it by letting him choose his dessert of choice. You order the virtual card, which he gets and opens. And then the recipient chooses candy or cookies or popcorn, customizing it with their favorite flavors. The candy is fancy. The cookies are fresh-baked. And the popcorn comes in such flavors as loaded potato or cotton candy.

It's easier than pouring a glass: You enter in the address, see what’s available in your area, browse through the options and pick your poison of choice, and get it delivered in under an hour. The selection of libations is truly astounding.

Honestly, everyone likes feeling seen, and Montage is the way to do it, via a collaborative and personalized video montage. You choose who the tribute is for, what the occasion is, due date for video submissions, and Montage does the rest. Meaning, getting the actual tributes from the people who are contributing and compiling everything into a sweet and thoughtful (or raucous) video message.

Not only are you supporting local eateries, which is always a bonus. But he gets the gourmet meal of his choice, delivered to him, when he wants it. DoorDash operates in 4,000+ cities, so chances are, it's available in your neck of the woods. Choose sushi, Italian, Vietnamese, America, whatever his belly desires. The cards do not expire. Just remember to tip your delivery person, in cash.

There's honestly no better gift than self-care, especially after these epically stressful 12 months. GLO gives him access to online yoga, meditation, pilates and fitness classes. It's basically a self-care clearinghouse, with great instructors. $216 gives him access to GLO for 12 months, which equals about 4,000 videos. Plus, there are now live-stream classes, so members can practice together in real time.

Order by 7am for same-day delivery in most urban areas. And while yes, this gift is hokey, it's also hokey in the best way possible because COOKIES. These sugar cookies are baked fresh at every location and you can choose the size of your bouquet.

So he has a story to tell. But never got it together enough to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). Do the work for him with this incredible service. It matches him with a writer, who spends multiple hours interviewing him, in depth, either locally in person or via video calls. Using the brand's Bookmaker platform, he uploads photos and customizes the book. And he winds up with a 55-60 page hardcover book, up to 7,500 words, that include up to 20 photos. He gets four copies of the book plus a digital version. You can pay $1,950 for a junior writer, all the way up to $7,450 for a premium writer (which results in a 115-125 page hardcover book). Pro tip: This is how just about every celebrity generates a memoir, using a ghost writer.

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