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Eddie Redmayne Wears Chinos With a Tux and It’s Incredibly Relatable

Think chinos belong far, far away from formal wear? Think again. They’re a great way to add a little lightness to a dressed-up look.

In this, what you might call the party phase of the pandemic, people are hanging out, getting formal, and dressing up. It’s like we want to make up for two years of sweats by overdoing it. Well, accept that invite and pull out your tux. But don’t just dust it off and throw it on. Unless you’re invited to a party with a red carpet, you should get playful with your black tie. For inspiration, we turn to Eddie Redmayne who recently rocked a wide-shawl lapel tux jacket with something every man has in their closet — a pair of straight-leg chinos. The look is surprisingly effective and kind of cool in a dad way (Eddie has two young children, so that checks out). Here’s how you too can pull off this interesting formal look.

Eddie Redmayne Attends Olivier Awards 2022

Why It Works

  • The straight-leg fit of the trousers keeps the overall silhouette sleek and trim. Adding pleats or a more relaxed fit would’ve interrupted the fit of the jacket and thrown the whole look off balance. 
  • The chinos are a great color. The warm, eggshell hue is softer than white and adds a welcome freshness. 
  • Those cuffs. Nothing says classic more than a wide cuff with a slight break.

How You Can Make It Work

While Redmayne’s getup is fairly straightforward, the key to getting it right is to make sure the chosen pieces work well together. For example, if the fabric of the tuxedo jacket has a sheen to it, it may not pair as well with matte cotton trousers. Also, as we said, it’s all about fit. A well-tailored jacket deserves well-tailored pants to match. Regardless of the wearer’s body shape, clothes that fit well will always cut the best silhouette.